Vicente Clément



Vicente Clemente has held three important positions to date. For three years, he was a member of the Scientific High School Velázquez-house based Hispanic Studies in Madrid (1992-1995). The Casa de Velázquez is a center of French artistic creation and scientific research, cultural and professional. His mission is the development of the creative activities and the searches bound (connected) to the arts, the languages (tongues), the literatures and the companies (societies) of the Iberian countries, Iberoamericains and Magrébins.

Three years later, Vicente has worked during 10 years (1998-2008) as “Maître de conferences” at Normale High school of Fontenay / Saint-Cloud (L’ENS de Lyon).

Institution which also has a scientific and sociocultural vocation, one of his mission being the distribution (broadcasting) of the knowledge.

Since 2008 he is a Lecturer at the University of New Caledonia


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