Sheryl Mellor, a Translator / Reviser (English) at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) since october 1993, is originally from Pensylvania, in the United States. Beside English and French, she also studied German, Russian, Hebrew and understands Bislama which is her grand-children's third language. She is  interested in exploring the world and its cultures, sciences, new technologies, reading and volunteer services.

After her university studies in Maryland (US), in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) and then in Utah (US), Ms Mellor left the United States in 1981 to work on socio-economic projects for the Bahá’íe comunauty in West Africa, particularly in Benin, Togo and Senegal. After returning to Pensylvania for a year, she settled in Guam and worked as a freelance translator and highschool teacher while taking care of her children's education. She then moved to New-Caledonia in 1991.

She often travels back to the United States to visit her family and also travels to other countries in Asia, Europe, North America and in the Middle East.


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