Luís Rúa Rodríguez



Luís Rúa Rodríguez was born in 1981, on the 14th of October, in Madrid. He has been living in New Caledonia since January 2012. He began working at the statistics department of the SPC (South Pacific Commission) in May 2014. In fact, he is a « superior technician in geographic information system ». His job consists in working on different types of files, and then dealing and analyzing various types of data to order them in a computer. Actually, in a lot of cases, it is much easier to visualize a situation when it is represented on a map than watching it as a table. The different data Luis de la Rua is working on can concern employment,

education, or health, for instance.

Mister Rúa considers that society has the duty to manage natural resources, firstly to promote human development so as to give the future generations a constantly healthier planet. The SPC’s role covers a wide range of domains: agriculture, fishing, health or education, to improve economic, social and human development in Pacific countries.  « Gathering precisely all the information linked to these domains in order to determine in practical terms the different needs of those countries at every moment to improve their situation » is the SPC’s mission.

Luis Rua Rodriguez’s career has always been connected to cooperation to promote sustainable development. He has the opportunity to work in a humanely and intellectually fascinating field. He feels he is contributing, even modestly, to make the world a better place to live in.


Cyril Charriaud